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Collecting Event Ticket Payments Online.

Andy Robertson

You planned your event with venue dates and artists confirmed. The really important part now is generating ticket sales with some great marketing but don’t forget that one of the most crucial aspects of generating ticket sales is to enable the payment process. 

With a winning event formula you can generate interest in ticket sales but to generate revenue you need to make the ticket sales process as easy and as straightforward as possible. There have been great strides in the FinTech (Financial Technology) market in recent times and this has brought disruptive technology to the payments industry globally. The traditional merchant account from your High Street Bank was expensive and cumbersome with numerous steps that customers had to perform to complete payments. This causes abandoned carts and lost sales revenue.  

Using another online payments provider can simplify the process and result in fewer abandoned carts as well as reduced processing costs and times. Some of these ‘Payment Gateway’ providers utilise technology to make the integration with your online checkout easy. In addition, they make payments available using most recognised credits cards, debit cards and direct bank transfers also enabling customer refunds to be made.      

Stripe is a good alternative to a traditional merchant account, they use a simple API (a line of code added to your website) that enables seamless payments integration with your online checkout system. To start accepting payments you will need to go through a financial compliance process which should be a relatively quick and painless process. Once you test the payment gateway with some dummy payments you’ll be up and running in no time. The best benefit to your customer is the ability to process the payment in a single click. Stripe is a global payment gateway provider with multiple currencies and a great dashboard that shows your payments history so it’s easy to analyse your payment data.               

Another popular payment collection technology is PayPal. You will need to set up a business PayPal account in a company name and as with payment gateway technology there is seamless integration with your online checkout system. PayPal enables customers to pay in a variety of ways with the added benefit of being a recognised payment brand which boosts confidence in the payment process, plus customers can transfer funds from their own PayPal account.           

Enabling a faster, cheaper payment system for your online ticket sales is not a daunting process and most event ticketing software makes the process easy to implement. If you use the  FestivalPro event software platform most of the hard work has been done for you already to automate the set-up process. The FestivalPro software solution already includes great functionality to manage the entire ticket purchase process for both online and offline sales. With built in payments integration you just need to select your preferred payments platform and after sales are made the software automatically issues tickets via email to customers. Of course, you can manage every aspect of your event on FestivalPro too. The guys who are responsible for this software have been in the front line of event management for many years and are performance artists themselves. Using a system like this can help automate your entire ticketing process.  

Andy Robertson
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