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A successful music festival brand often considers expanding thier business overseas and having both an Amercian and European based festival is not unusual. For organisers considering such a move it is vital to fully understand the key differences between operating a music festival in each territory. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 18 April 2024

Touring provides an invaluable revenue stream for performance artists and crucial to putting a good tour together is the tour manager. The tour manager is usually someone contracted by the artist’s management team and could be an independent freelancer or a professional touring agency. What are the key elements required for a good tour manager. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 16 April 2024


Ticketing platforms for the events industry have been streamlined into a seamless process based on technology that enables electronic payments and the production of digital tickets. Sales revenue is collected and easily distributed to appropriate parties. These technology platforms are evolving allowing festival organisers to provide a better service in a more cost-effective manner.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 15 April 2024


The history of music festivals is embedded in a real sense of freedom from authority born out of the first events in the1960s. Since that time music festivals have become more socially responsible and corporately driven by profits. In some countries the authorities have raised concerns about anti-social behaviour and continued drug use resulting in an increased police presence. 


Andy Robertson - Wednesday 10 April 2024

Advancements in technology innovation continue to move rapidly impacting everyone and how they interact with the world around them. The live music sector is being impacted by technology changes too and the music festival backline is a good example of this. What do festival organisers need to be aware of when considering the backline equipment for their next event?   Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 9 April 2024

An essential part of every music festival that runs into the night is the lighting shows that accompany all acts. Meticulous planning is required to specify requirements, installation and the software programming that controls the light show. A well-executed light show can bring a festival to life, what do organisers need to know about planning a stunning light show for their event. 


Andy Robertson - Monday 8 April 2024

Music festival operators are always looking for ways to increase sales revenue and promote loyalty and engagement with festival-goers. Running a gift voucher scheme is an excellent way to achieve these goals but what is involved in setting up and running such a scheme that generates incremental revenue without increasing costs. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 3 April 2024

All music festival organisers need to generate revenue to cover their costs and if possible, to make a return on investment. Profit margins can be very tight and low, and organisers try to use every tool they have to generate additional revenue but are they missing out on other incremental revenue generating opportunities? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 2 April 2024

Thailand has been in the news recently after attracting several international music festival brands to the country including Tomorrowland and Summer Sonic. What is the impetus behind this move and what makes the country so attractive as a music festival destination for big, branded festivals now and into the future. 


Andy Robertson - Monday 1 April 2024

The music festival sector continues to face ongoing challenges from rising costs and low ticket sales making the chances of long-term survival difficult. Should organisers consider a move away from generic mixed genres to niche ones? What are the key benefits to organisers in pursuing this route and what challenges will they face in doing so. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 28 March 2024

There has always been a tentative relationship between music festivals and recreational drug use dating back to the first events in the 1960s. Whilst this is still frowned upon it is accepted as an ongoing reality by organisers and law enforcement. What steps can organisers take to mitigate the risks associated with drug-related organised crime at their events.


Andy Robertson - Wednesday 27 March 2024

It is not uncommon in the entertainment business to encounter performance artists who are confrontational either with venue staff or other artists which in extreme circumstances can lead to violence, injury and bad press for those involved. What steps can music festival organisers take to prevent potential confrontations during their event. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 25 March 2024

The use of terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are popular buzzwords circulating in the media currently, but can this technology actually help to improve the festival-goer experience when onsite? What are practical steps that festival organisers can take to utilise this technology in a productive manner. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 21 March 2024

There are wide variety of dedicated ‘metal’ music festivals that take place around the world every year with popularity remaining high. Where and when did these ‘heavy metal’ music festivals evolve from and what are the future prospects for this relatively niche genre with its own unique atmosphere, line-up, and fan base. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 20 March 2024

Music festival organisers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their event from the large number of events that take place every year. Considering an attraction like a live stunt team can add promotional opportunities and lead to increased ticket sales. What are the key considerations for organisers that want to add a stunt display team to their event content? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 19 March 2024

It is not unusual for a music festival to come under criticism for presenting a disappointing line-up. This is likely not by design and may be due to a series of unforeseen circumstances that have impacted the curation process and organising team. What options are available for organisers to salvage their event and make it a financial success. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 13 March 2024

Navigating the legal requirements for the licensing of any live music performance or broadcast can be complex and music festival organisers need to be aware of their obligations to ensure compliance. This is less of an issue for artists performing their own material but for cover acts, DJs and artists performing someone else's material it is essential to get right. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 12 March 2024

Any sizable music festival on a remote site requires a certain standard of medical facilities and people trained to administer first aid. Legal requirements can vary but most festival organisers will have to comply with local authority and health and safety regulators in order to be granted any licences required to run the event. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 11 March 2024


Sponsorship gives music festival organisers much needed revenue and provides sponsors with increased brand awareness and product distribution opportunities. What are the key considerations for any company considering sponsoring a music festival and how should they negotiate the best deal.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 6 March 2024


Whether an artist is an established act or relatively new organising a tour is an excellent way to generate revenue and increase exposure to a wider audience. The organisational logistics can be complex, but a number of specialists exist to create a smooth touring process. A key concern for the artist’s public persona is making their tour sustainable especially when planning transport options. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 5 March 2024

The growth in digital streaming and other platforms has likely contributed to a steady decline in radio audiences over the years. Should up-and-coming artists and musicians still include radio in their marketing and distribution mix and what are the benefits of getting airtime on a radio station in 2024. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 4 March 2024


The sales process for music festival tickets has changed significantly over the last few decades. The days of cash sales through box office agents, record stores and promotors using cash, cards or cheques in exchange for a paper ticket are history. All tickets sales are now made online using a variety of payment gateways and dedicated ticketing platforms.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 28 February 2024


One of the biggest challenges currently is how music festivals can remain relevant, sustainable, and successful in the long term. What are the key considerations for festival organisers wishing to future-proof their music festival so that it is able to constantly adapt to whatever the future may bring. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 27 February 2024

Anyone with a keen interest in the music festival sector with investable financial resources may consider investing in a music festival. Music festivals are considered by the astute as high-risk ventures but with the potential for high rewards, what are the steps any budding investor should consider before parting with funds.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 26 February 2024

Demand for music festival attendance appears strong with the larger more popular events still reporting being sold out. However, recent media coverage suggests that the under 25s are less inclined to attend driven by a concern about affordability and financial constraints. How can organisers help facilitate attendance from this group who will be the future of music festivals. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 22 February 2024

The dark world of financial fraud and linked criminal activity seems to be increasing around the world and financial institutions are doing their best to counter this increased activity. Criminals are always looking for vulnerable targets and the music festival sector is no exception to being targeted, what steps can festival-goers and organisers take to prevent financial theft. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 21 February 2024

Business focused events were hit during the coronavirus pandemic in the same way as all event organising companies were. It is has taken some time to recover financially but the business conference and exhibition formats are busy once more. What are the key elements to launching and running an international business event. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 19 February 2024

It has become critical for music festival organisations to promote their sustainability and environmentally friendly credentials in order to promote their events and ultimately make ticket sales. This is increasingly important as festival-goers now demand that a music festival they attend has sustainability initiatives in place but is there an element of greenwashing going on? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 14 February 2024

As technology has shifted over the last few decades the formats through which music is consumed has changed. A move away from vinyl and cassettes to CD has since been surpassed by the rise in digital formats and online streaming. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence in vinyl and cassette tape consumption. What’s driving this shift and in which genres? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 13 February 2024

The construction of a remote based music festival requires some considerable logistical planning and a key element of this is the provision of utilities like water and electricity. A large music festival can resemble a small town and is essential that the provision of utilities to serve the festival site are well planned and managed. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 12 February 2024
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