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Volunteers are an essential part of every music festival and have been for decades. Festival organisers invest considerable resources on recruiting, training and maintaining their volunteers every year. For this reason, it is imperative that organisers do their best to motivate volunteers ensuring that they return in following years. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 15 July 2024


There have been numerous cancellations in the music festival sector this year with a variety of reasons cited by organisers. Some have been postponed for the future whilst other entities have ceased trading altogether. What should organisers look for when considering their options for event cancellation or closure of their business. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 10 July 2024


Festival organisers and artists will usually work closely together to ensure that tech riders are accurate, timely and agreed by all parties involved. If there are any issues with delivering the technical specifications requested, it can lead to a multitude of problems for both the artist and the festival organisers. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 9 July 2024


With numerous music festivals getting cancelled this year inevitably some with financial problems could go bankrupt. In any downturn there are always opportunities and with some well-known festivals in financial trouble potential investors may be on the look out to acquire a music festival brand. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 8 July 2024


This festival season has seen an unusually high number of headliner artists pulling out of music festivals. The reasons can vary but links between an event’s sponsors and conflicts taking place around the world have been a contributory factor. What are the consequences of this on festival organisers and how can these sensitive issue be handled?  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 3 July 2024


A common complaint from festival-goers is the cost of food and beverages on a festival site and the restrictions placed by organisers on what can and cannot be brought onto a site. What are the current restrictions most festival organisers place on festival-goers when attending an event. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 2 July 2024

In an attempt to attract a wider audience and generate ticket sales music festival organisers look to diversify their offering and artistic installations are often a popular way to achieve this. For festival organisers new to curating artistic installations what are the key considerations in finding and implementing something that matches their theme and target audience. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 1 July 2024

Some music festival organisers have been struggling to turn a profit as costs rise and festival-goers look for cheaper options. A significant cost that has increasingly been hitting this sector is the need to achieve sustainability goals. How can organisers balance the need to run sustainable events and yet keep their events affordable for potential ticket buyers. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 26 June 2024


Music festivals rely heavily on volunteers to have a smoothly run event contributing to good customer service and satisfaction of festival-goers. Not all volunteers have good intentions, and a certain number can go rogue during a festival causing a multitude of issues. How can festival organisers mitigate the impact of the rogue volunteer. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 25 June 2024


Music festivals continue to have a poor reputation when it comes to the environmental footprint left after any sizable event. Despite initiatives like ‘Leave No Trace’ the challenges for festival organisers in cleaning up after an event remain. What steps can organisers take to minimise damage and leave a festival site relatively undamaged. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 24 June 2024


With many music festivals being cancelled this year the key issue often highlighted by ticket buyers is the length of time taken for refunds to be made. There are numerous factors that can influence how a refund is processed with different organisations involved and understanding these can help reduce anxiety for anyone waiting for their refund.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 19 June 2024


Sometimes referred to as an A&R Scout these individuals can have a major influence on the career of any up-and-coming performance artist. The A&R Talent Scout’s role is multifaceted, combining artistic insight with business acumen to discover and develop the next generation of musical talent. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 18 June 2024

These competition style events have been around for decades in various guises but are they still relevant in the modern era as a good way to break into the music industry? Competitions can be found in most countries and formats are broadly similar with differences in scale and size but are they worth considering for an up-and-coming artist. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 17 June 2024

For festival-goers attending a multi-day event in a remote farmer’s field they are faced with a choice of staying clean or embracing the dirt usually associated with festival sites. This choice may come down to experience and the style of festival along with ticket types purchased. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going down either route? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 12 June 2024

Festival-goers regularly complain about congestion and chaos when arriving, parking and leaving music festival sites. Although sheer volumes of attendees are often the main cause of this there are steps that organisers can take to mitigate congestion. How should festival organisers go about managing their on-site traffic. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 11 June 2024

Any sizable music festival site that is built on an empty field can resemble a busy construction site during the build-up phase. This heavy equipment can present numerous dangers to anyone on site at the same time and therefore requires meticulous planning by organisers to ensure the relevant safety protocols are always followed. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 10 June 2024

Experienced festival operational workers regularly leave the industry for a variety of reasons, however, the passion they have for festival work often brings them back to the sector at a later date. Whether it's an absence of one or five years what actions should organisers and those considering returning to the industry take to ensure a smooth transition back to festival operations. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 5 June 2024

Many music festivals take place in little more than a farmer's field usually a wide-open featureless space. Even with the construction of stages and other temporary structures the site can still look a little sterile and bland. It is possible to enhance the festival site’s appearance by the smart addition of flora installations.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 4 June 2024

Assessing the success of any music festival is so much more than just the financial performance and attendance numbers. Organisers need to assess a plethora of factors to accurately determine if the events they run have been successful or not. What are these factors that contribute to a holistic approach in determining success.


Andy Robertson - Monday 3 June 2024

It has been a tough year for music festival organisers who have been faced with rising costs and lower than expected ticket sales. This has culminated in a significant number of festival cancellations in 2024. Is it time for organisers to consider a change to a more manageable biennial timetable. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 29 May 2024

Music festivals are generally very inclusive and festival-goers usually come from a diverse group of people. Whilst most attendees travel with friends there are also a significant number who are going to a festival on their own. What are the pros and cons of going to a music festival solo or in a group.


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 28 May 2024

Technological advancement in holographic projections mean that live music can now be performed by musicians and artists who may not be physically present at a venue. This has many implications for the presentation of live music now and in the future. What is currently happening in the development of this new technology and what does it mean for fans. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 27 May 2024

Festival organisers have always published lists of banned items that cannot be brought onto a music festival site. New rules, legislation and public opinion are driving additions to these banned item lists around the world. What changes do festival-goers need to be aware of prior to packing their festival backpacks this year. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 22 May 2024

Music festival organisers invest much time, effort and money in preparing for their music festivals with planning often starting over a year in advance. What site activities are critical in the final month prior to the event dates that organisers need to focus on to ensure all their planning comes to fruition. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 21 May 2024


Music festival organisers rely on volunteers to help run their events, they can number in the hundreds depending on the size of the festival. A dedicated volunteer training day may be the best and most cost-efficient way to get hundreds of volunteers briefed and trained prior to the event taking place. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 20 May 2024


In the current economic climate of rising costs and challenging ticket sales music festival organisers need to employ every strategy they can to reduce costs and maximise returns. Marketing budgets are usually the first expense to be cut but there are numerous strategies organisers can employ to promote their event and generate ticket sales at zero cost. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 15 May 2024

There is an expectation from festival-goers that clean drinking water will be provided on music festival sites. The consequences of having contaminated drinking water can be far reaching affecting people's health as well as the event’s reputation and potential legal issues. Regular laboratory testing of drinking water supplies may help to prevent any potential problems. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 14 May 2024


Historically the prices charged for food and drink at music festivals is perceived to be incredibly high and it dominates the complaints festival-goers regularly make. What factors are involved in setting food and drink prices for music festivals and are they fair especially given the current economic climate of rising costs. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 13 May 2024


Announcements for artist line-ups at summer music festivals usually start at the end of December and typically run through to May. Anyone not familiar with music festivals may find many of these announcements obscure and seriously lacking in essential information. What can festival organisers do to improve how they present their line-up announcements. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 8 May 2024

For touring artists and musicians in the 70s and 80s the university and college circuit used to feature heavily in touring schedules. With greater access to venues and an increase in the number of music festivals are these types of venues still relevant today for artists putting their touring schedules together. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 7 May 2024
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