Festival Pro is the essential tool for
festival management

Using our system...

You can manage your event or festival using our powerful, simple and fast online web based software. You will have unlimited users as well as storing as much data as you want in your database. 

Free upgrades

We're continually upgrading the software with new features that you'll automatically see once you start using FestivalPro. Of course, if you have any ideas we'd love to hear about them. You can submit them here.


We do however need to charge for our time supporting or helping you out. We've outlined our cost effective and transparent prices below so you know that we're here to help you if you get stuck. All these options can be purchased from within your system as you go along and don't need to be purchased up front. 


Event ticketing is charged at 2% per ticket sold.

Click on the link below to set up your FestivalPro system 

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Ticketing Only

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  • Funds direct into your Stripe account,
  • Sell tickets instantly,
  • Only 2% ticket commission,
  • Manage tickets and customers,
  • 1GB File Storage Per Year
  • 1,000 Bulk Emails Per Month.

Create Event


Per Month
(paid Yearly in Advance)
Best for festivals who want a self-service system.


  • Festival Pro System,
  • 5 Users,
  • 5 Assisted Support Sessions/Tickets,
  • Event Ticketing,
  • Artist Advancing,
  • Accreditation,
  • Vendor Management,
  • Volunteer Management,
  • Guest Lists & Passes,
  • Contractors & Staff Management,
  • 1GB File Storage Per Year
  • 1,000 Bulk Emails Per Month.
  • 2% transaction fee.

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Most Popular


Per Month
(paid Yearly in Advance)
Best for festivals who want help setting up the system to suit their needs.

  • Everything in the
    Starter Package,
  • PLUS:
  • Full Contracting Module,
  • Archive Event,
  • Conditional Options
  • AND:
  • 20 Users,
  • 5GB File Storage Per Year,
  • 15 Assisted Support Sessions/Tickets,
  • 5,000 Bulk Emails Per Month
  • 2% transaction fee.

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Price Available on Request

Best for festivals who want custom changes to the system, support and consultancy.


  • Everything in the
    Pro & Starter Package,

  • Ability to run multiple festivals in the same system,
  • API integration
  • Public Calendar
Please contact us for
a demo and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

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The ticketing module comes with all versions for Festival Pro.

Event Ticketing
& All Invoices generated
per ticket sold, all invoices generated and payments taken through the system.


Click on the link below to set up your FestivalPro system 

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2 Free consultancy Sessions
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Terms & Conditions

Certain international countries are subject to a required sales or consumption tax. If your online order includes sales tax, VAT, GST, or comparable consumption taxes, you will see the tax amount applied in your shopping cart after the billing step and before checkout is complete.

Each setup session is 30 minutes of consultancy and support.
*pricing subject to change

**each consultancy ticket is max 30 minutes of work, phone support and custom changes to the system.

*** Fair use policy applies to unlimited data, it's unlikely you'll store that much information, but if you decide to do something that is out of the scope of this software we'll tell you.

⧫ Event ticketing and all invoices created through Festival Pro are charged at 2%. E.G. vendors/sponsorship packages (income).

◊ Extra file storage is charged $45/£30 per annum per GB.
Does not include data in the system, only files. For example PDFs, documents, images (PNG, JPEG, etc), song files, video files etc are an extra cost once you go over the limit.

The system can not be used to send marketing emails in bulk.

For a full list of terms and conditions please visit our T&Cs page.

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