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Sustainable Eco-Friendly Toiletries for Music Festival Visitors.

Andy Robertson

Festival-goers are encouraged to contribute towards making music festivals more environmentally friendly and using sustainable toiletries is a big part of this. The waste generated by discarded toiletries that cannot be recycled still presents a challenge to organisers. How can festival-goers make their toiletry choices more sustainable.

Most festival-goers manage to maintain some level of personal hygiene and grooming as part of their daily routine despite the conditions usually encountered on a festival site. When packing their festival essentials basic toiletries are a key consideration but they are now encouraged to be more thoughtful by avoiding single use plastic packaging and disposable items.

Common Toiletries. 
Basic items festival-goers pack will include toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo and sanitary products but deepening on the individual may also include sun block, wet wipes, toilet paper, moisturiser and essential make-up. There are numerous retail suppliers who sell sustainable toiletries which utilise plastic free packaging and vegan friendly ingredients.

Sustainable Packaging.
Single use plastics are no longer acceptable and sustainable toiletries are contained in materials that are recyclable and use of metals and bamboo wood is now common for toothbrushes for example. Liquids and creams are usually supplied in metal or robust cardboard containers and make-up cleansing pads and wipes are reusable and washable to replace disposable ones. Some liquids come in glass bottles but many festival organisers do not allow any glass products on a festival site.

Sustainable ingredients. 
Basic toiletry products are quite straightforward to manufacture using environmentally friendly ingredients and do not involve complex processes. However, cosmetics have a reputation for using harmful ingredients and testing on animals is still common. Sustainable environmentally friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics developers are increasingly using oleochemicals as an alternative. This includes natural oils like palm and coconut as well as other sources from agricultural plants like soybeans and corn for example.

Festival-goers travelling light may choose to not pack any toiletries preferring to go 3 or 4 days without the need for any personal hygiene. Others prefer to travel with nothing more than their phone hoping to buy anything they need whilst on-site. Festival organisers are encouraging more vendors that specialise in sustainable products to make applications for pitches and this increasingly includes suppliers of toiletries. Festival-goers should be reminded to take their own litter home and this includes packaging from toiletries even if they are recyclable. Buying sustainable eco-friendly toiletries is no excuse to dispose of unwanted items or packaging on a festival site at the end of the event, these items can still form part of the unacceptable face of festival waste that needs disposal management post event. 

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Andy Robertson
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