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Legendary Beach Party Destinations.

Andy Robertson

There are some summer destinations that have a reputation for the best beach parties that can go on for weeks or last the entire summer season. What are the best picks for those keen to spend a few weeks partying in some of the world's most legendary beach party destinations once international travel fully opens up again?

Some of the most well-known beach party destinations also feature music festivals but there are many that have long seasons lasting anywhere from a month to 6 months and consist of multiple daily events in numerous venues on or close to beaches.

Cancun - Mexico.
This popular beach resort area on Mexico's northern coast has traditionally been popular for American teenagers on their ‘Spring Break’. Drawn primarily by the legal drinking age of just 18 and close proximity to the United States visitors can enjoy booze-filled days by the beach. Although there are more than 150 miles of beautiful beaches in the Cancun area the majority of bars and clubs are located close to the Mandala Beach Club and nightclubs that are mostly located in the Cancun city Hotel Zone. The peak season is between December and April each year and it continues to be a popular destination for young Americans.

Ibiza - Spain. 
The European destination for party goers since the late eighties Ibiza has a reputation for its thriving nightclub and electronic music scene. For most of the summer season from June to September the Spanish island is the destination for groups of friends looking for a non-stop party. The bars and some legendary nightclubs are mostly in the coastal villages but the beaches still attract party goers during day and night hours. It has perhaps lost its shine in recent years with many nightclubs closing their doors for good.

Goa - India. 
Probably one of the oldest beach party destinations Goa is on the western coast of India and first emerged as a destination for hippies in the ’60s. It developed over the decades to become a key destination for fans of PSY trance and similar up-tempo electronic music. The beaches often feature laid-back vibes during the day and full on EDM party scenes at night. Its popularity has waned in recent years as the music scene has focussed on psychedelic trance parties for people keen to rave under neon lights.

Koh Phangan - Thailand.
The Full Moon Party Season runs during the peak tourist season from November to March each year. Hat Rin beach on Koh Phangan can attract up to 30,000 party goers dancing and drinking all night to trance, house, and R&B music until sunrise. The full moon party originated in 1985 and has gained in popularity every year spreading to other islands in southern Thailand. The full moon parties have occasionally run into problems with Thai authorities due to noise pollution and environmental damage along with a strict zero tolerance policy to drug abuse. Despite these issues it remains one of the most popular beach party destinations in the world.

Most beach party destinations are unfortunately still off limits due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions but most party goers will surely return when things get back to normal.

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Image by Christopher Kuszajewski from Pixabay

Andy Robertson
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