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Anyone with a keen interest in the music festival sector with investable financial resources may consider investing in a music festival. Music festivals are considered by the astute as high-risk ventures but with the potential for high rewards, what are the steps any budding investor should consider before parting with funds.  Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 26 February 2024

Demand for music festival attendance appears strong with the larger more popular events still reporting being sold out. However, recent media coverage suggests that the under 25s are less inclined to attend driven by a concern about affordability and financial constraints. How can organisers help facilitate attendance from this group who will be the future of music festivals. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 22 February 2024

The dark world of financial fraud and linked criminal activity seems to be increasing around the world and financial institutions are doing their best to counter this increased activity. Criminals are always looking for vulnerable targets and the music festival sector is no exception to being targeted, what steps can festival-goers and organisers take to prevent financial theft. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 21 February 2024

Business focused events were hit during the coronavirus pandemic in the same way as all event organising companies were. It is has taken some time to recover financially but the business conference and exhibition formats are busy once more. What are the key elements to launching and running an international business event. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 19 February 2024

It has become critical for music festival organisations to promote their sustainability and environmentally friendly credentials in order to promote their events and ultimately make ticket sales. This is increasingly important as festival-goers now demand that a music festival they attend has sustainability initiatives in place but is there an element of greenwashing going on? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 14 February 2024

As technology has shifted over the last few decades the formats through which music is consumed has changed. A move away from vinyl and cassettes to CD has since been surpassed by the rise in digital formats and online streaming. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence in vinyl and cassette tape consumption. What’s driving this shift and in which genres? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 13 February 2024

The construction of a remote based music festival requires some considerable logistical planning and a key element of this is the provision of utilities like water and electricity. A large music festival can resemble a small town and is essential that the provision of utilities to serve the festival site are well planned and managed. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 12 February 2024

Whether it's a vendor, backline provider or performance artist it’s essential they receive agreed payment from festival organisers. With an increasingly financially fragile sector the issue of timely payment is becoming a hot topic. What steps can be taken to ensure that payment will be received for goods and services supplied? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 7 February 2024

The music festival sector in the UK has been booming and growing over the last few decades with an estimated 600+ taking place every year by 2020. A perfect storm of occurrences over the last 4 years has seen the sector decimated leaving many festival organisations struggling for survival. Were there already too many festivals? and what does the future hold for the industry? Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 6 February 2024

Music festival sites can vary in size and location and planning often starts at least a year in advance of any go live dates. A key element of the logistics planning is determining how the chosen site layout will be managed. This can be a time consuming and expensive operation but there are increasingly a number of software tools available that can reduce costs and save time.    Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 5 February 2024

The music festival sector globally has made a good recovery since the cancellation of most events during the coronavirus pandemic. The industry has seemingly bounced back to levels greater than before COVID, but it has not been an easy route to recovery with ever decreasing margins and a changing economic landscape too.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 28 September 2023

It's been a tough year for many music festival entities as rising costs and falling ticket sales have created tight margins across the industry. The latest economic data suggests that the situation is unlikely to change soon. What are the key factors organisers should be aware of in their planning process for 2024?


Andy Robertson - Thursday 21 September 2023

For festival organisers who have just completed their inaugural event they will have built a wealth of knowledge and data for every aspect of the music festival. When contemplating the second year of a new music festival how can they use this data and what are the broader considerations when planning their next event.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 14 September 2023

Insurance premiums for music festival organising entities still make up a significant cost of putting on an event. Whilst the threat of disruption due the coronavirus pandemic has dissipated there are other factors that are coming into focus particularly with the increase in extreme weather conditions that can cause festivals to be cancelled.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 7 September 2023

Running and organising a music festival of any size can be a demanding and stressful occupation for most people. Despite various challenges festival organisers generally enjoy what they do and find their work satisfying and rewarding. However, there can come a time when it may make sense to decide to quit the business altogether.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 31 August 2023

Launching a new music festival can be a daunting yet exciting proposition with numerous opportunities and potential pitfalls to consider. How should organisers mange the planning and timing of announcements for maximum impact yet maintain a sense of reality about what can be achieved by when.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 24 August 2023


Halfway through the summer 2023 festival season and a quick look at headliners and line-ups appearing at music festivals in the UK would indicate that the same artists keep appearing as part of a regular festival circuit. Whilst this provides an element of consistency how can this be balanced with emerging talent and future festival line-ups.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 17 August 2023


Music festivals have been around for many years, and it is not unusual for teenagers to view attendance at a festival as some kind of rite of passage. With music festivals likely to be facing an aging festival-goer demographic the industry is taking steps to encourage younger people to attend their first festival. What can organisers do the encourage more first time festival-goers.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 10 August 2023

Music festivals that take place in temperate climates can be subject to changeable weather despite being scheduled for the summer months. This can be incredibly frustrating for organisers and festival-goers alike. What steps can be taken to ensure that events go ahead despite a weather forecast that predicts inclement weather for scheduled festival dates.  


Andy Robertson - Friday 4 August 2023

After many months of planning there comes a time when a music festival organising crew must get on–site as their live dates approach. This can be an incredibly stressful time for organisers and their staff so what strategies can they employ to minimise the impact of unexpected emergencies and issues that are often encountered on-site.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 27 July 2023


Almost all festivals rely on volunteers to make their events happen every year and keeping them well watered and fed during an event is an essential part of managing them. The provision of regular meals is expected by volunteers, and this can be a major headache for organisers to ensure there are sufficient quantities of the right food available at the right time.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 20 July 2023


This year is proving particularly challenging for some music festival organisers in generating sufficient ticket sales revenue to cover their running costs. With tight deadlines and limited resources festival organisers can attempt to boost their ticket sales in the final few weeks before their live dates but what realistic options are open to them.  


Andy Robertson - Thursday 13 July 2023

Music festivals are often referred to by their size or genre but a big festival can mean very different things to different people. What are the common factors and metrics used to determine the size of a music festival and why is this important when selling the event to potential sponsors and vendors.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 6 July 2023


Performance artists and session musicians can make a liveable income by touring but what are the challenges in pursuing this route. Very few artists earn money from recording their own material but if they can build up a loyal following from playing live on a tour it may provide a steady reliable income source.   


Andy Robertson - Wednesday 28 June 2023


The entire events industry suffered during the coronavirus pandemic and business conferences and exhibitions were no exception to this. Are these events starting to make a comeback? how are business event organisers managing the current environment and what changes have they had to make to ensure future success.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 22 June 2023


Musicians and artists often start out doing small scale live gigs in clubs and pubs in front of small local audiences. These small environments are easily manageable and even allow some musicians to simply turn up and play. Getting curated for a music festival performance represents new hurdles for any up-and-coming artist.


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 13 June 2023

For some performance artists making the jump to performing on a large music festival stage can be a great leap for their career prospects but for others it can be daunting. What are the typical challenges faced by musicians who regularly perform in small venues in stepping up to a large outdoors music festival stage.


Andy Robertson - Friday 9 June 2023


This year has seen turbulent times for music festivals faced with rising costs, low ticket sales and sustainability challenges. Some organisers will have to make some tough decisions in the coming months to ensure their survival but what realistic options are open to them that minimises the financial impact on staff, suppliers and festival-goers.


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 23 May 2023

Creating media ‘buzz' around a music festival can increase awareness amongst potential ticket buyers and supports decisions made by stakeholders investing in the event like sponsors and vendors. What is the process involved in creating engaging content and getting it widely published in the media.


Andy Robertson - Friday 28 April 2023

Depending on the location of a music festival organisers have may have multiple options when considering accommodation for festival-goers, artists, crew and volunteers. What are the potential solutions for obtaining a variety of accommodation options that suit differing budgets and requirements.


Andy Robertson - Thursday 27 April 2023
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