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Adding Flora Installations to a Music Festival Site.

Andy Robertson

Many music festivals take place in little more than a farmer's field usually a wide-open featureless space. Even with the construction of stages and other temporary structures the site can still look a little sterile and bland. It is possible to enhance the festival site’s appearance by the smart addition of flora installations. 

How should festival organisers go about planning for the introduction of flora installations on their festival site. What are the key considerations of going down this route and the effect on contractors, vendors, sponsors and festival-goers? 

What is Flora in this Context. 
A flora installation on a festival site should incorporate a design element to make them visually impactful. There are numerous contractors who specialise in the creation and installation of temporary flora displays. They can turn a bland range of temporary structures into something that resembles a more natural eco-friendly environment with an educational purpose too. 

The allocation of a suitable budget is the first step in the planning process and external contractors should provide provisional quotes along with proposed installation designs. Organisers should check with local authorities and landowners if there are restrictions about the use of any specific plants, particularly where the festival site is in an environmentally sensitive area. Plant selection should be safe so avoid any with thorns or those that produce chemicals that contain allergens. Aside from the installation there will be a requirement for ongoing maintenance during the festival and removal post event. Contractors will need to conduct a thorough investigation of the festival site and assess the local environment; this may determine whether plants are installed in temporary containers or will be planted on site. 

The overall design of flora installations should closely match the festival's theme and depending on budgets can be extravagant and complex. Design elements like hanging gardens and flower walls can look great but may be difficult to install. Every plant species should be accompanied by educational signage that helps explain what they are to festival-goers. Incorporating plant installations as part of weather protection like wind breaks and shade for site visitors can be a great benefit. 

Advantages of Flora Installations. 
Flora installations can transform the appearance and feel of a festival site creating a more relaxed and natural atmosphere for festival-goers. Installations can form an integral part of the festival site’s weather and environmental protection, specifically from dust, wind, rain and the sun. Installations can form part of the organisers sustainability initiatives when combined with eco-friendly practices especially when considering compost, water supplies and the processing of any waste generated. Working with sponsors and vendors can ensure that the flora installations match closely with how they want to work with the organisers and their specific themes. 

Integrating flora onto a festival site, can create an enriching environment that enhances the overall festival experience for all visitors while promoting the sustainability and environmental stewardship of organisers. 

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Image by Sarath Raj via Pexels

Andy Robertson
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