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Live Music Genre Fusions Trending in 2024.

Andy Robertson

Trends in music genres are constantly changing and music festival organisers need to carefully manage their curation process to include the best trending artists in their line-ups. Diverse genre fusions have been rising in popularity over the last few years and are becoming increasingly popular with live music audiences.

Some of the biggest and most successful music festivals often feature mixed genre line-ups as they cater for varying tastes and ultimately increase the potential audience size. There are some exciting developments in the live music scene with plenty of genre-bending experimentation going on. This creative approach manages to blur old genre boundaries and with new sounds emerging audiences are getting exposure to more genre fusions than ever before. What is genre fusion music and how will this impact on the music festival curation process. 

What is Genre Fusion Music. 
Probably the most memorable genre fusions were the music of German musicians Meute who became a social media sensation around 2016 by blending techno and house music with their marching band instruments. Since then, traditional classical orchestras have been playing EDM music at festivals and other genres have started to be blended mixing folk with EDM or reggae with funk and rock for example. Going forwards audiences can expect the unexpected as musicians and artists experiment with new genre fusions. 

Genre Fusions Trending in 2024. 
This emerging trend is a global phenomenon with the most popular blends including Afrobeats and EDM producing high energy beats with African rhythms. Latin Trap with Hip-Hop is proving popular in Mediterranean and South American regions whilst in Northern Europe traditional Celtic folk is being mixed with rock. EDM seems to be to predominant genre to mix well with others often being used with 80s synth sounds or even traditional bluegrass. Dubstep and breakbeat genres are proving especially popular in live environments including festivals. Genre fusion music can cross borders and break down cultural boundaries and barriers making it globally popular. Genre fusion live performances can be unique and visually spectacular for audiences increasing their appeal. 

The Festival Curation Challenge. 
Artistic curators working on behalf of music festivals are probably already trying to secure the best and latest genre fusion artists and musicians. By maintaining a good network of promotors and producers and keeping up to date with streaming services and relevant blogs the curation process can include the best trending genre fusion music. Having secured an up-and-coming artist specialising in genre fusion music festival organisers will need to decide how they are presented and promoted in their line-up. 

Artists experimenting with combining elements from various genres to create unique sounds that defy traditional categorisation appeals to a potentially wider range of listeners. This has positive implications for the future of music festivals that embrace this trending change. 

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Image by Lucas Allmann via Pexels

Andy Robertson
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