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UK Music Festivals and American RV Hire Options.

Andy Robertson

Every multi-day music festival will have a range of accommodation options including basic tent pitches to luxury yurts and campervans. The American style RV really takes the campervan idea to a new level and they are becoming increasingly popular at the UK’s biggest festivals. Why are these large RVs gaining popularity in a frugal climate and will this continue.

For anyone keen to have a home from home experience whilst attending a big music festival hiring an American style RV may provide the ultimate in luxury festival accommodation. Some festival-goers may opt to hire smaller self-drive camper vans but their on-board facilities may be basic and parking pitch spaces are often limited. Some festivals provide pre-installed RVs for hire and despite them being a more costly option bookings can get oversubscribed.

For festival-goers booking RV accommodation they simply turn up on-site with minimal luggage and check-in to their RV. Some even offer car parking spaces next to the RV and suppliers often have on-site support teams to assist customers with any issues they may have. At the end of the festival customers simply pack their car and head home. Irrespective of the weather conditions festival-goers get to sleep in a dry warm or cool RV avoiding the usual hassles of camping. 

The large RV can come with air conditioning and heating powered by the site’s electricity supply. With large water tanks the accommodation provides hot and cold running water too. In addition, it is not unusual to have bedding, cutlery and crockery included along with any service and site fees included. Many also offer Satellite TV, DVD, music players and a shopping service to pre-stock the RV with food and drink ready for arrival.

Cost Effectiveness. 
The cheapest camper vans sleeping between 2 and 4 people can start at about £1,500 for 3 or 4 days whilst moving up to the largest American style RV can push costs to as high as £5,000. However, a Winnebago can sleep up to 10 festival-goers making them reasonably cost effective if compared to other luxury accommodation options available on-site.

Carbon Footprint.
Many older RVs use petrol or diesel engines and given the weight they have to lug around can be produce polluting emissions whilst driving. If the festival is generating clean energy on-site the electricity used during the festival will be from sustainable sources. The Winnebago company are in the process of producing a fully electric EV version for the future which would mean these large RVs continue to be used.

Many regular festival-goers argue that pitching a tent and roughing it is part of the festival experience. However, as festival-goers get older or have previously bad experiences the move to hire a large RV can seem more attractive. Demand is there for these accommodation options and no doubt festival organisers will continue to offer them as an option.

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Photo by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Andy Robertson
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