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Music Festival Etiquette for Event Goers.

Andy Robertson

All music festival fans are hopeful that a good number of festivals will return in the latter part of 2021 so now is a good time to start planning which festivals to go for. For those new to the festival scene there is an unwritten etiquette to follow that has been documented by regular festival goers over the years for festival newbies.

Most visitors to music festivals are regular event goers but of course there is always a good number that are attending their first music festival each year and late 2021 should be no exception to that. For the festival newbie what is the etiquette they should consider when attending? Here is a quick snapshot of advice that has been given by regular festival goers over the years. 

Of course, a large music festival attracts thousands or visitors and so there will be a large range of personality types reflecting the wider population and a festival spread over several days is like a small town with all the potential issues that can bring. Most of these tips are common sense but here are some pointers specific to music festival environments. 

Courtesy and Being Polite. 
With so many people crammed into a small space for a long period of time it is essential to be polite and courteous at all times. Good manners can really help to seed a positive atmosphere and make it easier to make new friends at the same time. Adhere to queuing for food, drink and toilets and don't push and shove others in the audience (intentional mosh pits excepted).

Enjoy the Music and Show. 
Event goers are there to see and enjoy the live performances so visitors should avoid talking and shouting with their friends and not even facing the stage. Visitors should also avoid spending the whole performance stuck behind their mobile phone, a few snaps here and there are ok but live streaming and taking long videos is a no no. The audience should be enjoying the live performance not filming it.

Dress Code. 
It may sound obvious but the most important part of attire to think about is footwear, high heels, flip flops or bare feet should be avoided. Event goers who enjoy music festivals on a regular basis already know that the most suitable footwear is comfortable, sturdy and constructed from material that dries, quickly. Other clothing can be just about anything and it's a chance for event goers to get as creative as they dare. 

Alcohol and Drugs. 
Festival event goers should be attending for the music not the drugs and alcohol, that said consumption is still prevalent at most music festivals. Visitors should know their limits and try to consume alcohol in moderation so that they can at least enjoy the live performances.

Looking after the environment and embracing the festival sustainability aims should be a fundamental aspect of attending a music festival. This means taking rubbish home and following guidance with regards to waste disposal. 

There are plenty of other unwritten rules that may apply to festival attendance but this is a selection of common themes that regular music festival visitors voiced. Above all event goers should be enjoying themselves without it being at the expense of others. 

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Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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