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Travelling Overseas to Music Festivals in 2021.

Andy Robertson

With COVID-19 infections seemingly on an uncontrollable up and down rate the state of the music festival sector in 2021 is uncertain. There are however some countries that have managed to avoid the worst of this pandemic and officials are happy for large scale music festivals and events to go ahead as planned. 

How does this map out for organisers and event goers in 2021? Some music festival organisers have already expressed concerns about whether their event will take place as planned in 2021 or will move to 2022. 

For global travellers who attend multiple music festivals year-round there are certain countries that are going ahead as normal (within certain COVID-19 related restrictions) with events already happening. The recent music festival in Guernsey was a good example of an event going ahead as planned. Obviously, the fact that Guernsey is and island has undoubtedly helped to prevent large scale infections. Whilst the festival in Guernsey went ahead as planned it was restricted to inhabitants of the island only and visitors from the mainland were prohibited.

Elsewhere around the world countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam have been particularly successful at containing COVID-19 related infections. Planned music festivals in these countries are going ahead as planned this year and in most instances are confirmed to proceed in 2021 too. However, before any keen event goers start packing their festival rucksack, they need to check the entry requirements for these countries. Most have closed international borders to foreign tourists or if entry is allowed there are hoops to go through not to mentions quarantine too. Realistically if someone is thinking of travelling to an overseas event the chances of getting there are remote and at best will only be able to look on virtually from the outside in envy.

Music festivals in 2021 are likely to be very much home grown and keen festival goers should focus on what is going ahead in their own country, the festivals certainly need their support too. For those that are determined to fly off to other countries to experience a music festival in far off destinations it will certainly be a challenge. They will need to regularly check and keep up to date with infection rates in each country and whether or not borders are going to be open to foreign tourists. Currently it would be risky to make plans or book travel, it would make sense to have a flexible approach with the ability to jet off at a moment's notice. Travelling overseas to a music festival in a COVID-19 free country is not going to be cheap either. Music festival goers should stick with local events in their own country and support this struggling sector.

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Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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