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For an industry that would appear to be decimated by the current COVID-19 pandemic and cancellation of all summer festivals in the UK you would think there won't be much left to look forward to in 2021. Few appreciate how important this industry is to the British economy, employment and people's wellbeing. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 25 June 2020


If you are handling personal data your events organisation will have been affected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that came into force on 25/05/18. It may sound like this happened a while ago but there are many companies that are currently not complying. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 24 June 2020


The location you select for your event can have a big impact on ease of access by your ticket paying audience. It is vital to always understand the transport infrastructure around your selected venue and should form part of your overall event planning process. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 23 June 2020

When promoting your event, you should be using all the channels available to you including social media, website, email and PR but how do you differentiate your event from the competition? Incorporating high quality video in your marketing arsenal can make a big difference to your ticket sales revenue. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 22 June 2020

The scope of careers available in the events industry is vast with hundreds of different occupations available to suit the interests and skills of most people. Whilst there are generic occupations like marketing, finance and HR that can transfer from other industries some events careers are specific to this sector. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Sunday 21 June 2020

As economies start to cautiously open up globally it is increasingly likely that there are going to be some strict new practices that will be enforced for the entire events industry. Quite how this will play out remains to be seen but here are some possible scenarios events organsiers should consider. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 18 June 2020


Having your event ticketing sorted is quite straightforward. You either use a recognised event ticketing agency (probably expensive) or set up your own system. However you get your event ticketing up and running try and be creative to maximise ticket sales revenue. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 17 June 2020


No matter if you are organising small or large events you will have a team to manage and organise. Time invested in training along with having the right processes and procedures in place will help your events run smoothly and more efficiently. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 16 June 2020

Despite your best laid plans if you're an event organiser you should always expect the unexpected. At least you should be planning as far as possible for the unknown and make allowances in your schedules for extra time and resources. As an event organiser you are likely to be the one whose shoulders this falls on. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 15 June 2020

As most events are organised using the same principles it is no different organising a small golf tournament. Perhaps it’s a golf tournament in conjunction with a local charity or a corporate event. These small-scale events are for local amateur players, not professionals playing in well know recognised tournaments. 


Andy Robertson - Sunday 14 June 2020

Event organising entities come in many shapes and forms from big corporate event companies to small independent not-for-profit organisers. This is particularly true of the many music festivals that take place in the UK every summer. Irrespective of the organisational structure and purpose it should not detract from the audience's enjoyment. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 11 June 2020

It sounds like a really simple task, select a date for your event and start planning and organising. A lot more thought needs to go into how you select the date, or series for dates to hold your event. Careful selection will help maximise your ticket sales revenue and ensure the event is financially viable. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 10 June 2020


For any event that books an artist from overseas it is highly likely that they will need a visa to enter the country and perform. An often-overlooked aspect of international traveling artists is making sure they get the right visa in good time to enter the country where your event is taking place. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Tuesday 9 June 2020


Event organisers always face a challenge when scheduling multiple tasks for different times and dates further complicated by the potential number of people involved. For a large event involving numerous artists this can be a daunting prospect, however there are tools available that can help make your scheduling more efficient. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Monday 8 June 2020

The timing of when you announce your event to the world will depend on many factors. There are key considerations for deciding on a launch date and how this is done could impact your target audience and ticket sales revenue. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Sunday 7 June 2020

The key to a successful event is the result of many factors but probably one of the most important is the organising team behind each event. Having a great events team will mitigate any potential issues and get your event running within budget and delivering customer expectations.  


Andy Robertson - Thursday 4 June 2020

Almost all live events have restrictions on unauthorised photography and filming of performances. Certainly, as an event organiser you will have contracts in place that specify your obligation to prevent unauthorised photography and filming but make sure you balance this with your audience engagement. 


Andy Robertson - Wednesday 3 June 2020


At almost all live events there will be a combination of walk in customers that decide at the last minute to attend your event plus pre-paid ticket holders. Are you geared up to process large numbers of door ticket sales and scan pre-paid registrations? What technology can you use to ensure rapid and accurate processing to prevent long queues? 


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 2 June 2020


Most countries have been in some form of lockdown since the end of March 2020 and as a result almost all events for the foreseeable future have either been postponed or cancelled. Aside from the financial pressures of cancelling events try and look for the opportunities and positive steps you can make as an event organiser to plan for the future 


Andy Robertson - Monday 1 June 2020

It doesn’t really matter if your event is a music festival, comedy show or business conference managing travel and accommodation for artists and speakers is one of the biggest challenges in event organisation. Careful planning is key to avoiding the many pitfalls that may beset you in managing these aspects of your event.  


Andy Robertson - Sunday 31 May 2020

Any coverage in the press about your event should form part of your marketing plan. No matter how large or small your event is, getting coverage from key influencers is vital in promoting your event to your target audience. For event organisers on a tight budget it is possible to do this at little or no cost. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Thursday 28 May 2020


An often-overlooked aspect of any event is the pricing for both your ticket paying audience and your vendors and sponsors. The prices you charge should be a combination of financial analysis, marketing, research and economics. Get the balance right and you can maximise profit whilst giving perceived value too. Read More ->

Andy Robertson - Wednesday 27 May 2020


No matter how you do your accounting it makes sense to simplify your accounting processes to streamline how everything is recorded specific to the events industry. The way accounting is done can vary from pen and paper to sophisticated accounting software but how can you make sure it works well with specific events requirements?   


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 26 May 2020

The impact of the current pandemic has had a dramatic effect on global business and economies but particularly badly hit is the events industry. Not only are there strict government guidelines to follow for events involving the gathering of people, but as an event organiser you have a social responsibility to your customers to consider too. 


Andy Robertson - Monday 25 May 2020

With so many factors to manage in any event working closely with all parties involved is crucial to success. Communication and collaboration between event staff, artists, vendors, sponsors, venues and third-party contractors is vital to staying in control and ensuring everyone is fully informed.  


Andy Robertson - Sunday 24 May 2020

Key to successful event planning is building and maintaining accurate schedules for a multitude of factors. The schedules you put together must be dynamic enough to allow for constant changes and modifications to ensure everything happens as and when it should. What steps can you take to ensure your scheduling stays on track? 


Andy Robertson - Thursday 21 May 2020

The world of the business conference and exhibition is a whole industry in itself within the wider events sector. Although organising any type of event will generally follow the same key principles there are some significant differences in organising and running a business focussed event.


Andy Robertson - Wednesday 20 May 2020

You have to start somewhere but it's important to remember that no matter how small or large an event is the panning and organising have broadly the same principles. The only differences are the scale and size that relates to venues, number of customers, vendors, sponsors and the number of staff involved.  


Andy Robertson - Tuesday 19 May 2020

There are so many elements that make up any event it makes sense to have a contingency plan for any unforeseen problems. Aside from the current issues being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic you should always have a disaster recovery plan in place and ensure that everyone involved is aware of its contents.  


Andy Robertson - Monday 18 May 2020

You have a great idea for an event and have chanced an enthusiastic venue owner or built a close relationship with an artist or two. Although most events are organised and run by big corporations there are still a large number of independently run and funded events. Even with no funds of your own it may be possible to get your event funded with a little creativity.  


Andy Robertson - Sunday 17 May 2020
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