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Selecting Your Perfect Event Venue.

Andy Robertson

There are so many factors in deciding on the perfect venue for your event and prime consideration will be a venue that matches your capacity requirements followed by location and the availability of facilities. Choose wisely and you can find the venue that matches your event style and is attractive to your potential audience. 

Should you consider utilising a smaller established venue or are you going to go for a larger greenfield outdoor venue? If you are just starting out with a new event and don’t have a big experienced events team would suggest a smaller established venue. The advantages of using an established event venue (concert hall or hotel space) is access to their experienced events team. They will probably already have the necessary licensing and Health and Safety measures in place and you will have access to their F&B facilities. With good planning and coordination using an established venue will save you time and headaches with the event management process as you’re potentially getting a one-stop service. 

A room within a hotel or other established venue will provide a certain amount of flexibility, you could plan for an audience of 500 but if ticket sales are better than expected the venue often has the capability of expanding the space to fit your growing audience. The events team at that venue will work closely with you from an early stage and they will help co-ordinate F&B requirements and will often have access to in house equipment, technicians and engineers. Consider their events team as an extension of your own team and they can really help to smooth out your entire event planning operation. 

If you are planning an outdoor event this presents a whole new set of considerations that will need to be planned. Licences will need to be obtained from the local authorities and you will need to coordinate with landowners and neighbours about land use and other environmental concerns (especially noise?). For sure there will be no facilities so you are going to have to plan for this; toilet and bathroom facilities, access to First Aid and gaining assistance from local services (police etc) to plan for traffic disruption. What are your plans for parking and traffic management and will you provide camping facilities too?  

A major advantage with an outdoor event is the extended crowd capacity and the ability to run the event over several days. These are great for ticket sales and revenue but you have to balance this with the requirement of running your own large events team and controlling a multitude of outsourced suppliers. The obvious downside of any outdoor event is the unpredictable weather, particularly in the UK and northern Europe, even in the summer months.              

Whether you are planning a small event or large festival using an event software solution like FestivalPro enables you to manage every facet of your event. With great functionality for every aspect of event management the software platform helps you schedule and manage in as much detail as you want. The guys who are responsible for this software have been in the front line of event management for many years and are performance artists themselves. Using FestivalPro will simplify and automate many manual tasks associated with planning and running your event saving to time and effort to focus on the important things 

Andy Robertson
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