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Ramping up Music Festival VIP Packages.

Andy Robertson

It can be difficult to compare the VIP packages available at different music festivals because organisers have different ideas about what constitutes a VIP offering. In an effort to differentiate the VIP packages on offer some festival organisers are ramping up what is available for festival-goers in order to attract more sales.

The VIP packages can be interpreted in numerous ways but usually consist of segregated accommodation, preferential viewing and access plus more conducive bathroom facilities. The costs of these packages can run into the thousands but not all VIP packages are the same and for festival-goers interested in going full VIP it’s worth thoroughly researching what is and is not included along with buyer reviews from previous years.

Pick and Mix Solutions. 
Rather than offering an all-inclusive package, which can exclude all but the wealthy, organisers are now moving towards more of a pick n mix selection. This enables festival-goers to select just the elements they want or feel are important to them. Perhaps visitors are happy with the general camping area but want access to luxury bathroom facilities and easy access parking for example, it's now possible with some festivals to select just the VIP elements important to them. 

New Initiatives.
Appearing in VIP package selections are new ideas aimed at improving the festival experience and include personal lockable security lockers with built in mobile device chargers. Also proving more popular are private bathroom facilities that are cleaned after every individual use along with indoor relaxation lounge areas. These new offerings are being made available by the day or hour providing great flexibility for festival-goers.

Changing Demographics.
The music festival has evolved over the last few decades perhaps away from the community feel and more towards consumerism led events. In part there are financial survival considerations for festival organisers to offer VIP packages and they are really just satisfying the demand from a newer generation brought up in mollycoddled environment. For the true festival experience traditionalists would argue that VIP packaged should be avoided but there are also the more seasoned older generations who seek a more comfortable weekend at their chosen event.

It’s likely that the coming years will see more diverse and tiered VIP packages on offer from festival organisers. Offering more choice on a pick n mix basis may be one direction that organisers go in but from a sales and revenue perspective the sales process for a simple to understand package can be more attractive. Some organisers will no doubt stick with their bronze, silver and gold packages but more organisers are looking to offer selectable VIP package elements. This will develop in the near future and festival-goers should expect to see more choice at a reduced cost.

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Didarul Islam via Pexels

Andy Robertson
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